Have you ever wondered How to see a person's activity on Instagram? Be it a family member, friend or your partner. For this there are several ways that you can take, from the same mobile application, that is why we will present you the options below.



How to see a person's activity on Instagram?

As you know, in your feed from your Instagram account (this is where your followers' posts appear); you can see part of their activities, specifically what they publish and if they have mutual friends, it is possible to see the "likes" they have given to other publications. This would be the basic form, that is, the first option; but not as detailed in the information you can extract.

Another way would be, being inside the application, press the heart icon (here you will see your own activity included) and then give where it says “continue”. In this section of the application, you will then be able to observe in a little more detail the activities of the user you are monitoring; but not only his, but also of the others you follow.

That is why this alternative that we just mentioned can be a bit tedious, since it would take a long time to see specifically the user you want to monitor. Also limiting, that it is not possible to see the other actions that that person has carried out, being inside the application; even because Instagram itself shows only a limited number of activities, but not all.


Using Instagram Direct

Another way tohow to view a person's activity on Instagram? It is seeing if it is online. Of course, this way, it will not really provide you anything, beyond knowing that you are connecting at that precise moment, it can even tell us how long ago your last connection was.

To find out this, simply hit the Instagram Direct inbox icon; A requirement of this is that you already have an open chat with that person, that is, they have already spoken previously; in this way, then you can see everything that was mentioned in the previous paragraph.

An important fact about this is that the other person can deactivate these options, as part of their privacy and thus, they prevent it from appearing if they are connected or when was their last connection. If this is the case, this other method will not help you, if you want to monitor the activity of a follower.

Snoopreport, as an Instagram activity log tool

With the above said, you are probably doubting if there really is any way tohow to see a person's activity on Instagram? In a detailed and concise way; Also, make it pretty accurate too.

Snoopreport is a tool that allows you to see in a fairly detailed way, the activity of an Instagram user; not only will you be able to see their “likes”, but you may also see other types of information.

All the elements that this application offers us will be mentioned below.


Snoopreport weekly report information

In addition to the amount of "likes" the person gives, it also gives us the amount of "likes" they have received, number of comments made; those interests that the user has, their monitoring, that is, the pages they have followed in the last week; number of hashtags used, among other things.

As if that were not enough, we also have an option to download a spreadsheet of this Snoopreport report, with CSV format (this is a format similar to that used by Microsoft Excel), to represent chronologically the activities of the account that we find monitoring; in addition to having some additional information: location, favorite publications and much more.

How the Snoopreport platform works

The way this page works is quite simple: go to the platform page, register to create a user account, choose a plan of your convenience (the subscription payment will depend on the number of users on Instagram you want to monitor) and finally, enter the account (s) to be verified.

Weekly, you will receive a report, which will show the activity of a person in Instagram for a whole week; The data that the Snoopreport platform will show you will be quite accurate, with a margin of error of 5%; which means that your success rate is 95%, quite accurate with all the activity you can show us.

As you can see, the platform is really simple and very easy to use, perhaps the downside is that it requires a payment for us to use its services; but it is worth it for all that it can offer us, in addition to being necessary to control that others use them with bad intentions.

Useful uses of Snoopreport

By seeing this platform, more than as a tool to monitor someone, you can also take advantage of it; especially for vendor and / or company accounts, since by knowing the activities of their consumers, they can offer better services to them and more accurate customer service; which would translate, as better hits and could help the page, to gain more followers, to become more known.

In the case of individual accounts, Snoopreport could be used by parents or a representative to monitor their children's accounts; even more so, knowing that nowadays, any of us and especially children, could be victims of cyberbullying, kidnapping and theft of information. We could also use the platform, to discover fake or criminal accounts; Since as we had said, this web page offers us quite accurate reports on its information and a great activity log for us.

We will leave you an informative video, which although it is not as specific as this article itself can clear up some doubts you may have. We hope this article has taught you how tohow to see a person's activity on Instagram?

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